RVA October Walk in Collaberation with Talking Rock Tours

Enjoy hiking inside Alberta’s capital city and within Edmonton’s world-famous river valley. You will learn about the unique geological features exposed in the river valley and walk in the footsteps of the indigenous peoples who continue to visit this sacred place on Turtle Island for the last 10,000 years. You will also participate in a sharing circle with some indigenous music and storytelling.

Your geo-adventure begins on the historic site of Fort Edmonton IV and its sacred burial grounds and cemetery near the Rossdale Power Plant. We also visit the last Fort Edmonton site on the legislature grounds before visiting a prominent geologic outcrop that showcases sediments above when dinosaurs once roamed, all the way to the more recent glacial lake deposits, when the last ice age retreated on the Great Plains for good. There is some elevation gain on this tour, however, the majority of the trails are paved and makes for an easy hike.

Length: ~5 km

Level of Difficulty: Fairly Easy

Significant Features: Fort Edmonton IV and V historic sites, ancient First Nations Burial Ground/Fort Edmonton Cemetery/Alberta’s First Catholic and Methodist Cemeteries, Legislature Grounds, Glacial Lake Edmonton deposits, Mt. Mazama ash bed, and Métis River Lot #11.

Parking available at Kinsmen Sports Centre Parking Lot

We will meet and begin the tour on the North side of the walterdale footbridge at the small plaza. (side of the bridge close to Rossdale Power Plant).

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Oct 16 2022


1:30 pm - 5:00 pm



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9469 Rossdale Road Northwest, Edmonton, AB, T5K


9469 Rossdale Road Northwest, Edmonton, AB, T5K
9469 Rossdale Road Northwest, Edmonton, AB, T5K


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