The Community Engagement Committee is a Standing Committee of the River Valley Alliance (RVA). The roles and responsibilities of the Community Engagement Committee and its members are as follows:

  • Be RVA ambassadors to their respective communities and stakeholders, champion its plans and activities, and represent the RVA as directed by the Board.
  • Provide a volunteer resource to assist and support RVA involvement and participation in local or regional events, projects, public processes and other activities as approved or directed by the Board.
  • Facilitate bringing local volunteers, resources and partnerships to bear in support of Board and Municipal approved projects and activities.
  • Assist the Board and its municipal members in generating increased public awareness, dialogue and support for the River Valley Park System.

The Community Engagement Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month from 7:30 am to 9:00 am at various locations throughout the seven municipalities. Quorum is a majority of the Community Engagement Committee members. The committee consists of 18 members each appointed by their respective municipality every two years, six members from Edmonton, and two from each of the other RVA municipal stakeholders.

Community Engagement Committee Members:

Valerie Turner, Chair – Parkland County
Kate Andres – Edmonton
James Cockburn – Fort Saskatchewan
Danielle Currie – Fort Saskatchewan
Shauna deVarennes – Sturgeon County
Margaret Elliott – Sturgeon County
Mike Evans – Parkland County
Wendy Lickacz – Edmonton
Femke Pennings – Strathcona County
Bill Reynolds – Strathcona County
Terence Yez – Leduc County
Brent Collingwood, RVA Executive Director (ex officio)


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to assist the Board of the River Valley Alliance in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial management of all activities, including compliance and reporting. 

Finance Committee members:

Michael Gardiner, Chair
Guy Bridgeman, RVA Board Chair
Mark McCrae
Brent Collingwood, RVA Executive Director (ex officio)


The Implementation Committee identifies, evaluates and make recommendations on capital projects which support the mandate and priorities and are in accordance with key guiding documents and principles approved by the Board of Directors. 

Implementation Committee members:

Bob Horton, Chair
Pat Butler
Marcel Chichak
Guy Bridgeman, RVA Board Chair
Brent Collingwood, RVA Executive Director (ex officio)

Non- Committee Members:

Alex Bonokoski, RVA Capital Program Manager
Phil Krysa, Architectural Works Inc.


The Governance Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on best practices in corporate governance, including principles, policies, and Board and committee procedures and guidelines.

They also review and make recommendations on amendments to the Articles of Association and support board succession planning and development.. 

Governance Committee members:

Wendy Boje, Chair
Peter Faid
Guy Bridgeman, RVA Board Chair
Brent Collingwood, RVA Executive Director (ex officio)