The Capital Region River Valley Park covers 18,000 acres linking over 100 km through the North Saskatchewan River valley.

The River Valley Alliance (RVA) is all about connecting people to the river valley - and through the river valley - by making it easier to access and enjoy for all.

It is an alliance of six municipalities working together for the single goal of regional connectivity. This alliance is one of the most innovative and creative endeavours ever undertaken; in fact, it’s a model that’s never been duplicated in all of North America.


The purpose of the RVA is to develop a world-class continuous and connected regional trail system along the North Saskatchewan River Valley from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan, and in doing so improve quality of life through access and enjoyment of the river valley.

Who we are:
  • Not-for-profit company created in 2003.
  • 6 Municipal Shareholders: Town of Devon, Parkland County, City of Edmonton, Strathcona County, City of Fort Saskatchewan, Sturgeon County.
  • Municipal representatives sit on the RVA's Board of Directors.
  • Our work involves new projects, with the municipality assuming responsibility for maintenance upon project completion.
  • Projects are funded through a 1/3 funding model with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments.
Our purpose:

The RVA aims to create a single river valley park system that includes a combination of primary, secondary and adventure trails, pedestrian bridges, and boat docks/launches for year-round recreational activity.

What we do:

We work with the municipalities to coordinate planning, funding and development of the trail system and projects that support accessibility and connectivity to the river valley.

The RVA speaks on behalf of its shareholders as one voice to both provincial and federal governments for grant funding, which allows the municipalities to undertake large infrastructure projects that benefit their community as well as the whole region.

Our strategy:

Read our 2019-2024 strategic plan.


The projects undertaken by the RVA are: beside the river (trails), to the river (boat docks), and over the river (pedestrian bridges)

Our ultimate goal is to connect the entire river valley trail system all the way from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan - that’s approximately 100 km of trail.