Board Opening: River Valley Alliance

Photo credit: Harmony Wolgemuth

Nominations Open for Directors-at-Large

The River Valley Alliance a non-profit corporation overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors with a vision to connect metro Edmonton’s river valley from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan. The Board is made up of 8 elected Councilors from our municipal shareholders and 8 Directors-at-Large. We have 3 openings for Directors-at-Large for the 2021-2023 term, and are inviting interested candidates to submit their applications. The RVA strives for a diverse Board with a variety of skill sets that represents all our communities, so we encourage all nominations. The role description and application process are detailed below.

Board of Directors Role Description

Eligibility – A Board member must be a resident of one of the six municipal shareholders: Parkland County, Town of Devon, City of Edmonton, Strathcona County, City of Fort Saskatchewan, Sturgeon County.

Roles & Responsibilities – Bringing a strong commitment to the vision, mission, objectives, and values of the RVA with a well-developed community, corporate, or political experience and networking capacity in the represented municipalities and the communities encompassed by the RVA. Having prior board experience and skills in one or more of the following areas – governance, financial management, legal matters, government relations, land development or indigenous relations is required.

General Duties – Board members are asked to work effectively with other Directors to provide strategic direction, set policy, allocate resources, monitor progress, and manage the business affairs of the River Valley Alliance, including ensuring the financial and human resources are adequate to meet the needs of the organization. Board members serve on various Committees as needed and undertake activities required to further the objectives of the organization. As a non-profit corporation, Board members represent the RVA to its shareholders, federal and provincial governments, and other stakeholders to maintain positive and productive relationships. Board members are also asked to volunteer for, and participate in, events and activities that promote and showcase the RVA and the trail system to the public and/or stakeholders.

To apply, please go here and complete the application form. We ask for a Resume and brief Letter of Intent outlining your interest and the value you can bring to the RVA Board. Applications will be received up to November 13, 2020.

Please submit the completed application form and supplementary documents as one .pdf to