Enjoying the Trails with Your Little Ones and Furry Friends in All Seasons

We have always been a family that enjoyed getting out and exploring our river valley. However, the combination of a pandemic and the idea of training our new cat to be an adventure cat took our adventures to a whole new level in 2020. In a year of not much else to do with a 10 year old, a 6 year old and an adventure cat in training we had to get geared up and get out in all sorts of weather. Here is what we have learned.

The Best Trail In The Rain

The best spot when it is pouring rain is Ramsey Ravine on 102 Ave in Glenora. It is a drainage route for all the streets above and there are literal waterfalls and a whitewater creek that form in heavy rains. It is great fun to splash around in. The best part is that the trail is paved so you get all the fun without the mud.


Secluded Spots In The Summer

We all know that the river valley is great in the summer but you can find some extra relief on little sandy beaches that pop up along the river banks depending on the water levels. There are larger beaches that you can regularly access, like the sandbar by the Fort Edmonton footbridge and under the Walterdale but you can find your own private spot to dip your toes or paws in if you keep your eyes open.


Trails To Explore In The Fall

Once the leaves fall in the river valley is the perfect time to hit the single track mountain bike trails on foot. These trails are great for kids and cats. They are narrow with lots of ups and downs and twists and turns to keep everyone’s interest. Use these trails only when the leaves are gone as they can be dangerous if you can’t see bikes coming with enough warning to get out of their way. With the leaves down though you can keep watch enough to hop off the trail and let bikes safely go by.

Where To Go On Windy Days

Blustery days are not much fun in summer but especially not in winter. Luckily the deep ravines of our river valley provide the perfect shelter. Mill Creek and Whitemud Creek South can be several degrees warmer on windy days. An added bonus is that they both have all the things that keep both kids and cats entertained, well defined trails, bridges and a creek for throwing rocks in.

Adventure In The Dark

It gets dark early in the winter but that doesn’t have to stop you from exploring. Once you are familiar with an area consider heading out in the evening. Grab some flashlights and see how your favourite trails transform after dark.
This past year has had its challenges but we have been thankful for realizing that we can enjoy the river valley every day of the year, not just the warm sunny ones.

Guest Blog Written By:
Lisa Gordey