lamoureux trail

Length: ~2 km round trip (1 km one way), 30 min
Trail condition: The trail is paved.
Difficulty: Easy
Bikes: Allowed
Dogs: Allowed on-leash
Parking: Parking lot on the far side of trail


PARKING: Drive through the hamlet of Lamoureux; at the end of the hamlet, there is a small parking area to the right of the road.

Parking Lot


1. From the parking lot, head south on the paved trail.

2. Follow the trail until you get to the the Hyway 15 Bridge (the pedestrian bridge that will continue into Fort Saskatchewan is schedualed to open in summer 2023)

3. Once at the bridge turn around a return on the trail in which you came.

This is currently a short trail, but it has beautiful views of the river and is lined with historical plaques to learn about the history of the area.