Trail Trek How-to: Victoria Park Loop

Length: ~ 3.75 km round trip, 1 hour
Trail conditions: Big hills, staircase, primarily paved
Difficulty: Medium to hard
Bikes: Allowed (Watch those hills! Staircases have a bike ramp.)
Dogs: Not permitted through the golf course section
Parking: Metered parking lot just beside Grant Notley Park

River valley view from Grant Notley Park

Car-less in Edmonton and still want to trek the trails? Visiting Edmonton and staying in a downtown hotel but still want to explore our city’s greatest attraction? We’ve got trails for you that are not only a great introduction to Edmonton’s river valley but also feature prominent bridges AND is even a great workout due to the hills and stairs!



1. Begin this route at Grant Notley Park

2. Head west down Victoria Park Hill for 0.4 km until you reach a path that goes east down into the river valley. Follow this paved path down the small hill into the river valley.

4. This trail passes by three sets of stairs that exit into various neighbourhoods along the river valley. In all seasons this trail is beautiful with trees that create a  canopy on both sides.


3. Follow this path for 0.75 km until you come to a fork in the trial. Follow the right fork and continue down a small hill that curves south. The left fork continues up to Constable Ezio Faraone Park and the High-Level Bridge.

4. Continue along until you get to River Valley Road. Along this trail, you will pass the Royal Glenora Club on your left and a baseball diamond on you right. Once you have reached River Valley Road cross the street at the crosswalk and head west along the sidewalk that parallels the river for 1.1 km. 

5. Cross the road at the crosswalk located at the entrance to the Victoria Park Golf Course. Follow the paved driveway north passed the clubhouse until you reach a set of stairs.

6. Proceed up the stairs to Victoria Park Road.

7. Once at the top of the stairs follow the sidewalk east back to the start of the loop.



Trail Map (source: AllTrails)