TrailTrek How-to: Devon River Valley Trail in Voyageur Park

Length: ~3 km round trip (1.5 km one way), 45 minutes to 1 hour
Trail condition: Beginning is flat and paved; trail becomes gravel when you begin to ascend and approach the stairs
Difficulty: Easy – moderate due to stairs
Bikes: Allowed
Dogs: Allowed on-leash.
Parking: See maps and instructions.

Sheer, dramatic cliffs at the riverbank in Devon.

The section of river valley located in Devon is dramatic and jaw-dropping, with steep cliffs on one side and relaxing shoreline on the other. The Devon river valley trail follows the river just outside of Voyageur Park, ending at the top of the Legs of Fire stairs which climb 86 metres back up to town. If you’d like a short walk with close river views plus a killer stair workout, give this trail a try! 

In this trail description, we go as far as the Legs of Fire stairs before turning back to where we parked, but you could continue along the shoreline trail to Lion’s Campground instead. Or, take a break once at the top of the stairs at one of Devon’s nearby restaurants and cafes before heading back to Voyageur Park. 

There are plenty of spots to stop for a picnic along the trail.



  • When arriving at Voyageur Park, take the road down past the first entrance to the second parking lot near the boat launch. There are public washrooms at this parking lot and the trail begins here.

The trail is largely flat and paved, with some gravel sections leading up to the stairs.


  1. From the parking lot, head towards the shoreline where the boat launch is. Once close to the launch, bear right towards a trail marked with a map. 
  2. Follow this paved trail for ~1 km. There are a few spots where you can break off the trail and walk onto the shoreline (depending on water levels), or take a break at picnic areas complete with a table, bench and good views.
  3. Eventually the paved trail ends and transitions to gravel. Continue right along the trail to head to the Legs of Fire stairs, or bear left to continue walking along the shoreline to Lion’s Campground.
  4. Climb those stairs! They’re quite unrelenting with only a brief break of flat trail halfway through. But trust us— the expanding views of the river valley as you ascend are worth the burn in your legs!
  5. At the top of the stairs, give yourself a pat on the back—at this point, you can either take a break and explore some of Devon’s downtown dining, or head back down the stairs to admire the view from a different angle and return to the start of the trail at the boat launch parking lot.

These stairs are no joke, but they reward with astounding river valley views.


Parking/Trail map