Twatina Bridge to Low Level Bridge Loop

Length: ~3.6 km round trip, 60 min
Trail condition: The trail is paved on the North side of the River and a double-wide granular on the South Side of the River.
Difficulty: Easy
Bikes: Allowed
Dogs: Allowed on-leash

  • Option 1. Access from the Riverdale community, parking on the street within the community.
  • Option 2. Access at Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, parking in parking lot at park.

This section of trail offers stunning views of the river in all seasons.


    1. From either starting point once at the Twatina Bridge, cross over the bridge to the southside of the river. Make sure to look up at all of the beautiful Indigenous art work the lines the roof tof the footbridge.
    2. Once across the bridge continue west to the double wide trail that follows along the river.
    3. Continue on this trail for approximately 700m to the Low-Level Bridge.
    4. Cross the Low-Level Bridge and proceed down the stairs to your right and head east along the trail.
    5. Follow this trail for approximately 1 km back to the Twatina Bridge.