TrailTrek How-to: East End Trails

Length: 4-10 km round trip (2.5-5 km one way), 1 to 2 hours walk
Trail condition: Gentle inclines, wide paved path
Difficulty: Easy
Bikes: Allowed
Dogs: Allowed on-leash.
Parking: See maps and instructions.

The trail is perfect for cyclists

The newest section of trail built by the River Valley Alliance offers a peaceful walk or bike ride far away from the hustle of the city. Begin at the top of a gorgeous lookout and follow the trail down along the riverside. There are plenty of benches along the way to stop and enjoy the views, but note there are no public washrooms on the trail.

There are plenty of benches on the trail to rest and enjoy the views.

Given the length of this section of trail (5 km), it makes for a great in and out bike ride. You could also continue your ride south towards Hermitage Park. If you’re going with a group and want to walk the full length without doubling back, you could park a car at each end of the trail for a one-way route (see parking instructions below).



  • To park on the end of the trail near the lookout, drive east on 153 Ave NW until it ends.
  • Turn left and follow signs for Quarry Golf Course—left on Meridian Street and right at 167 Ave NE.
  • Where 167 ave ends, there is a small parking lot which is the trailhead of the East End Trails. You will begin the trail at the lookout point.
  • If you want to end at the lookout, do the same as above but turn right on Meridian Street, followed by a left at 153 Ave NE, then right on 17th St NE. At the end of 17th St NE, you can park alongside the road. The walking trail begins at a crossroads—left takes you on the East End trails, while right takes you south along the river towards Fraser Ravine, eventually connecting with Hermitage Park.


Much of the trail runs right along the riverside for up-close views of the North Saskatchewan
  1. Once on the trail, the way to go is self-explanatory. From the lookout, you can choose to take the stairs down, or, especially if on a bike, follow the trail left for the switchback version.
  2. The trail follows along the Quarry Golf Course (watch for errant golf balls!) before passing through a tranquil treed area. The trail comes out back at the river’s edge with views of the opposing steep banks and Legends Golf Course. This point is the halfway-mark of the trail, and a good place to turn around if you’re keeping the walk short and not doing the full trail. Otherwise, continue onwards; the trail continues along the river’s edge before venturing back to the trees.
  3. Once you reach the crossroads, continue along to Fraser Ravine and Hermitage Park, exit to your vehicle, or turn around and enjoy the trail in the other direction, sure to see the trail and its surrounding nature from a new perspective!