Trail Trek How-to: Kinnaird Ravine Art Walk

Length: ~ 4 km round trip, 1 hour
Trail conditions: Moderately flat with some steep inclines, paved path and dirt path (snow covered in winter)
Difficulty: Easy
Bikes: Allowed
Dogs: Allowed on-leash
Parking: Street parking at Sheriff Robertson Playground

Public art at Kinnaird Ravine, installed to remove graffiti from the area.

Kinnaird Ravine has one of the largest displays of public art in Edmonton, and also happens to be part of a river valley trail! A burst of colourful art is an added bonus to the beauty of the trails, so our team investigated how you can visit this outdoor art gallery in combination with a trail trek. The art was contributed by members of the community, with people coming together from organizations and schools to paint the murals together. 

This relatively short and quiet trail is a great place to get introspective in the heart of the city while appreciating some local art! And if you want to extend your walk, the turnaround point is the riverside trail in Dawson Park which continues to Capilano Bridge and beyond. 

If you’re more of an armchair traveller, here’s a virtual tour of the Kinnaird murals:



On the street alongside Sheriff Robertson Playground you will find parking. Note that if there is a Commonwealth Stadium event in progress, parking is restricted in this area. 


1. After parking, walk through the playground. You’ll notice a trailhead indicating dogs have to be on-leash, as well as a garbage can. Head down this trail.

2. The trail will fork, with one path leading down into the ravine and the other baring right. Take the right path.

Kinnaird Ravine

3. You’ll know you’re in the right place because after walking a few metres, you’ll start to notice the art murals!

4. There are sections of murals spread out over the first km of the trail. Enjoy this display of community art mixed with the beauty of the trees and trails.

Stairs can take you further into the ravine or out into the neighbourhood.

5. Following the murals, the trail continues along the high section of the ravine, with Rat Creek below. 

You’ll reconnect with the Dawson Park area with (sometimes foggy) views of the city skyline.

6. After 2 km, the trail goes steeply downward to join the main trail that goes from Dawson Park to Capilano Bridge. Continue on your adventure, or turn around back up the hill to return the way you came.


Trail Map